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The Experience

You want photos that are beautiful and meaningful. The experience of custom photography is a key piece of why you want a professional photographer in the first place — it’s how I’m different from your buddy who got a cool camera for Christmas, or the cameraphone in your pocket.

Through my lens, you are my family and close friends. My goal is to photograph you the way I photography my own family, and the way my favorite photographers photograph their families.  Not in stiff, awkward poses – but experiencing life, with real smiles and tears. The way you see each other with your eyes and hearts.

This is how we make it happen.

  1. You contact me, by phone (907-347-3424), email ( or through the contact form on my website and let me know you’re interested in a photo session.  I’ll send you more information as well as a questionnaire, and we’ll set up a time to meet in person or talk on the phone.
  2. Custom consultation. We’ll talk about you and your family, kids, pets, significant other — whoever you’re looking to have photographed — and all of the awesome things that makes them special and you want to capture in the photos.  We’ll also talk about what sort of proof of love is right for your needs, and you’ll see samples of the beautiful heirloom-quality products that will be available to you at the ordering session, so that we can plan the photos that will look awesome in the medium you’re considering. I’ll also give you  ideas for pre-session activities with your loved ones that will expand the fun, as well as wardrobe and other suggestions to get ready for our session.  For My Imagination sessions, I will custom design a complete session concept for your child, choosing (and often making) any props and costumes we need to make your child’s dreams come to life.
  3. Session. It’s the big day! We’ll meet in the chosen location at the appointed time, and spend an hour or two playing games! All of my sessions are designed around the Beloved philosophy of using heart-warming and playful interactions to achieve amazing images that express genuine emotion.  No posing, no saying cheese! You get to relax and experience this time with your loved ones — let me worry about the camera.
  4. Session Premiere.  A week or two after your session, we’ll get together again so you can see your photos and pick your favorites! We’ll decide which images are perfect for the proof of love that we talked about at the consultation and place your order.
  5. Delivery. I work behind-the-scenes magic with the awesome vendors that create your beautiful products, and then get super excited when your amazingly gorgeous proof of love arrives! When everything is in and I’ve confirmed that it’s picture perfect, I’ll arrange to hand-deliver it to you at your convenience. I really want to make sure that you love everything and that you enjoy it, so I’m happy to hang your wall art for you, or arrange your album on the coffee table!

So there you have it! Proof of your loved ones’ incredible bond in 5 easy steps. Contact me today to get the party started!

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