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Proof of Love

My  favorite books are the family photo albums my mother made when my brother and I were little. I love the way they smell, the weight of them in my hands, the feel of the pages between my fingers.  Many are simple – plastic sleeves full of 4×6 prints in a leather bound cover. Some are from before my brother and I were born, and tell stories about who our parents were before we knew them, hinting at the people they would someday become.

These photo albums are priceless. They are me — my childhood,  my family, my history.  They are the stories that I remember, the images that have intertwined with my memories. They are proof of our love and our lives. There is something unique and special in those pages that doesn’t quite translate to a computer screen.

I cherish these albums and hope to pass them down to my daughters someday.  They are the reason that I create beautiful heirloom albums and prints of my daughters’ photographs. I hope someday they will feel the weight of the books in their hands as they point to our faces and tell our stories to their children and grandchildren. This is why I offer heirloom albums and prints to capture and celebrate your family’s story, your proof of love.  Your images aren’t just going to live on an iPhone or Facebook, they’re going to live in albums and on your walls, in ways that we’ll create together.



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