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Learn Your Camera – Bentonville Photography Class

Digital Photography 101

 Learn your camera! This is an in-person beginner photography class for anyone who would like to get their camera off auto and start taking better photographs.
  •  the exposure triangle
  •  the “zone system”
  •  semi-automatic camera modes & manual mode
  •  basics of composition
  •  understanding lens focal lengths & depth of field
  •  basic white balance
What you need:
  • Any digital camera where you can change the shutter speed & aperture, as well as your camera’s manual.

Class is 90 minutes with time for questions and some photo practice.

Private 1-on-1: $150.

Group Class of 4-8:  $95 per person


Lightroom & Photoshop 101

Learn how to take your photos from blah to beautiful in Adobe Lightroom and/or Photoshop. This is an in-person beginner photography class in digital editing.


  • – importing & organizing your photos in Lightroom and/or Adobe Bridge
  • – processing RAW files in Adobe Lightroom and/or Adobe Camera Raw
  • – creating and importing Lightroom presets
  • – adjustment layer basics in Adobe Photoshop
  • – cloning
  • – loading & using Photoshop actions
  • – saving for print & web

What you need:

Class is 90 minutes with time for questions and practice.

Private 1-on-1: $150

Group Class of 4-8:  $95 per person


iPhoneography 101

Master the camera in your pocket! This is an in-person beginner class on mobile phone photography.


  • making the most of your camera phone
  • focus & exposure
  • “Manual Mode” in the Camera Plus app
  • basics of composition
  • basic editing (cropping, straightening, exposure, sharpening)
  • specialized editing apps
  • specialized cameraphone lenses
  • sharing on Instagram & Facebook
  • downloading your photos to a computer

What you need:

Your iPhone, internet access, an Instagram account (if you’d like to share to Instagram), ability to download apps through iTunes, plus any specialized camera phone lenses you’d like to try (I will have several lenses available for you to play with at the class, but you should bring your own if you have them – contact me if you’d like recommendations for purchase).

Class includes a complimentary $10 iTunes gift card to purchase the Camera Plus and PhotoSync apps that we’ll be using.

Class is 75 minutes with time for questions and practice.


 Private 1-on-1: $115

Group Class of 4-8:  $60 per person


Contact me regarding intermediate & advanced classes, online mentoring, “mini-classes” and presentations for events, clubs, and corporate groups.


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