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My Imagination Session

Surround your child with proof of love that showcases his or her creativity and magical childhood dreams!

Those cherished days of baby dolls and pirate ships go much too quickly.  Today your baby is obsessed with feeding Fritos to dinosaurs; tomorrow he’ll be wearing ties and heading to college. The magic of childhood is precious and unique, filled with the imagination and dreams that make us the people we grow up to be.  Self-confidence and creativity start now.  What if your child could look up everyday and see herself as a superhero?

How it works: 

My Imagination sessions start with an in-depth questionnaire to get to know your child.

We’ll meet for a design session to choose a concept, props and costumes based on your little one’s interests and imagination.

Then, using some Hollywood-style magic and a little pixie dust, we’ll transform your baby’s dreams into unique artwork that celebrates his or her personality.

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