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Kind Words

What clients are saying:

“Working with Soraya was a very enlightening experience.  I had no idea what to expect and quite frankly I was a little uncomfortable about showing my attraction to Sarah publicly and with a photographer watching me.  To my surprise, not only did I feel comfortable, Soraya made it fun, very fun. She had us laughing and giggling like we were little kids.  Her demeanor and playfulness really allowed us to relax and have a great time.” — Kevin 

“Soraya was an absolute pleasure to work with. I was nervous as our family is not the easiest to photograph but she put us all at such ease we were able to be ourselves and it showed in the portraits. She beautifully captured my kids’ personalities, the relationships, the genuine joy and love in our family. We are so very grateful to have her portraits that we’ll treasure always.” — Jacqueline

“‘Soraya creates beautiful photos!!’  That’s literally what I said to so many friends. My favorite part of the session was that she captured natural interactions instead of posing. I was worried that we wouldn’t capture many great pictures of our son Stone, and of our whole family together.  However, that didn’t come true at all. The pictures were beautiful, and we had so many wonderful images to choose from. I was blown away that she not only captured great moments, but the lighting and color was incredible. ”  — Alicia

“Soraya Rudofsky is an incredible talent.  Her work is breathtaking.  Her ability to capture a moment is truly impressive.  In addition to all her photographic talent (composition, lighting, texture, emotion, vibrancy, etc.) what I really appreciated about working with Soraya was the way she handled us.  She made what is normally an awkward effort into a truly enjoyable experience.  Normally, we would attempt to look spiffy, put on happy faces, and help the photographer capture our best.  Instead, with Soraya, she turned our photo shoot into a whole experience wherein my boyfriend and I both truly enjoyed ourselves.  She asked us to put words on paper ahead of time about each other.  Soraya used these sentiments during our shoot and created a very rewarding, intimate experience for us.  She has such an easy presence.  We barely noticed the camera.  I can’t recommend her highly enough.” — Sarah


What photographers are saying:

“Soraya’s work is dreamy and fun! She has a unique style and a wonderful eye that catches the real and whimsical beauty in the everyday!” — Esther Christian, Esther Ayers Photography

“Soraya creates magic with light and emotions. Her portrait work evokes love and joy.” — Paola Dias, Paola Dias Photography 

“Soraya is able to encapsulate each client’s unique experience in a whimsical and timeless way. Her photography manages to do so much more than just capture a moment in time.  If you are looking for someone to help you develop your photography skills you can’t do any better than to work with Soraya. She is an open book when it comes to sharing her knowledge, and more than that she is always able to see right through to your specific needs and pinpoint how best to help you evolve. I find that whenever I ask for her help I not only does my question get answered, but I learn far more than I thought or knew to ask. She is a gem.”  — Lauren Henry,  Lauren Henry Photography 

“Soraya’s photography is emotion filled and inspiring. Every image tells a story and each time I look at her work I never fail to be impressed by the moments she has captured. As a mentor she shares her expertise and techniques in such a way that you feel it is meant for you only.”  — Dawn Dej, Beanpod Photography

“Soraya’s work is breathtaking. I can see how much fun her families are having during their sessions. And the emotion and connections they share is awesome! Her “My Imagination” sessions are whimsical and dreamy. The way Soraya puts together the whole scene while capturing amazing details about her clients dreams is simply amazing!” — Kelly Smith, Kelly Smith Photography


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