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Through my lens, your family is my family.

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“A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people.” – Annie Leibovitz

Over the years, I’ve followed many family photographers, and all too often I found a strange disconnect. Their “official portfolio” would all kinda look the same — groups of parents and children standing around in a field, looking pretty, and nicely posed as they “said cheese” at the camera. The photos were likely a good representation of what the subjects looked like, and sometimes quite lovely technically, but I didn’t feel like I knew anything about these people. They didn’t feel real.

 And yet, the personal photos that these same photographers shared of their own families were full of life — messy children having an amazing time playing in the mud or having a food fight; sisters spinning together or pushing each other on the swings; parents sharing everyday moments with their kids and each other. These photos were dynamic and innovative.  They made me laugh and cry with them. I knew the people in these pictures, even without ever having met them. They were themselves – beautiful,  authentic, and full of real love.

That’s what Playful Heart sessions are about — to make for my clients the kind of authentic, emotional images that those photographers made for their own families.

Playful Heart sessions for families will make you giggle, smile, and maybe even jump with joy!  Pioneered by Beloved creator Jesh de Rox and Swedish family photographer Juliana Wiklund, Playful Heart brings the deep authenticity and heart-warming interactions from Beloved sessions to family and child photography.

No posing allowed! Our playtime is full of interactive games and activities that will have you belly-laughing, tickling, cuddling, and maybe even tearing up at the beautiful and genuine connection you’ll feel.    What do you love to do together?  What quirks or inside jokes make your family special?  Together we’ll create a meaningful experience that expresses who you are as a family and proof of love that celebrates your unique bond.

 Here are just a few reasons to book a Playful Heart session with your family:

  • An incredible experience of laughter, snuggles, genuine smiles, and even happy tears.
  • Have a reason to spend time focused on connecting and playing together as a family.
  • Tell and show your children how much you love and cherish them.
  • Exist in photos for and with your children.
  • Create proofs of love that will take you back to that incredible experience of love and connection.

Playful Heart sessions make make the perfect gift for anniversaries, birthdays, Holidays, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, or just because you love them. The best way to understand a Playful Heart session is to experience it.  Book now to celebrate your family!

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