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Kodi was here| Lensbaby 13/365 | Northwest Arkansas Pet Photographer

Can you follow the trail of toys to find the puppy at the end of it?  I think somebody found the upstairs toy box. #KodiWuzHaire.

Kiska | Lensbaby 11/365 | Northwest Arkansas Pet Photographer

Kiska is definitely the boss.  Even though Yukon is technically the pack leader (and both other dogs back down immediately when he pronounces judgment on something), for pretty much all day-to-day

Lensbaby 6/365 | Northwest Arkansas Pet Photographer

I am in LOVE.  My wonderful, amazing husband got me an early 35th birthday present: Lensbaby Velvet 56.  I was really on the fence at first. Would it be too soft and glow-y for me? Would I use it

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