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Lensbaby 365: Introducing Lensbaby Creative Mobile | Northwest Arkansas Photographer

Today Lensbaby announced the launch of its new Creative Mobile Kit for Mobile Phones!

You know that I love everything Lensbaby, and particularly the Lensbaby Mobile LM-10.  So I was absolutely THRILLED when the wonderful folks at Lensbaby invited me to test out the new LM-20 — one of two awesome new phone lenses in the Creative Mobile Kit! I am traveling in Brazil this summer, and I couldn’t think of a better way to document my trip than with this fun new lens.

Now that the launch is official, I’m bringing back my Lensbaby 365 and can finally share the photos I’ve been taking with my iPhone 5s and this adorable new ‘Baby!

Lensbaby LM-20 Mobile Lens Flowers in Brazil Northwest Arkansas PhotographerPin Image

Flowers at an upscale supermarket in São Paulo, SP, Brasil.

Lensbaby LM-20 Mobile iPhone Creative Lens Festa Junina Decorations Sao Paulo Brasil Northwest Arkansas PhotographerPin Image

Table decor for “Festa Junina” at a party store in São Paulo, SP, Brasil. Festa Junina — June Festival — is a country harvest festival with traditional foods, costumes, and bright colors. We’re in the Southern Hemisphere, so it’s Winter here now, and June is in the fall.

Lensbaby Mobile LM-20 Creative iPhone Lens Beach Scene Riviera do São Lourenço Brasil Northwest Arkansas PhotographerPin Image

My favorite beach in the world, the gorgeous flat white-sand beach of Riviera do São Lourenço, a gated community of Bertioga, SP, Brasil.

Lensbaby Mobile LM-20, Coconut vendor at Riviera do São Lourenço, BertiogaPin Image

Coconut vendor on the beach at Riviera do São Lourenço, Bertioga, SP, Brazil. One of my favorite beach activities in Brazil is to have a fresh coconut! You drink the water from it with a straw. Then you bring it back to the coconut vendor and he cuts it open with his machete so you can eat the delicious “meat” inside!

Lensbaby LM-20, Girl on Beach, Brazil, Northwest Arkansas Travel PhotographerPin Image

Family is the most important reason I come back to Brasil as often as I can. I just love getting to hang out with my sweet, beautiful cousins and see them grow up!

Lensbaby LM-20 Flare Northwest Arkansas PhotographerPin Image

Check out the gorgeous flare from the Lensbaby LM-20!

Lensbaby LM-20 creative phone lens. Motorcycle on the road from Bertioga to São Paulo. Northwest Arkansas Travel PhotographerPin Image

Motorcycle on the highway from Bertioga to São Paulo city.


The Creative Mobile Kit is a great option for mobile users who want to add some fun to their phone photography.  I think the LM-20 is a bit easier to learn and use for those new to Lensbaby and the Lensbaby look.  As you can see in the photos, the sweet spot is larger than it is in the LM-10, and so the traditional Lensbaby striated bokeh is a bit less pronounced. It also seems to be easier to get a sharp sweet spot with the LM-20.  Additionally, the lens image isn’t flipped upside down in the native Camera app (like with the LM-10).  So in addition to Lensbaby’s App you could easily use it with other camera apps (though you won’t get to take advantage of the awesome “moveable sweet spot” feature of the Lensbaby app).  I have on occasion used it with Camera+ in tricky lighting situations and it worked great!  However, it is a more traditional-style phone lens, and doesn’t have the magnetic ends on both sides like the LM-10, so you can’t use it in conjunction with other magnetic phone lenses (e.g., a zoom phone lens), like you can with the LM-10.

I’ll be posting more on my Lensbaby 365 in the days to come, but you can see lots more if you follow me on Instagram and on my Facebook page!

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