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Professional vs consumer prints — it does matter!

Oh my stars!  Texas newborn photographer Amanda Jackson decided to conduct an experiment.  She had always heard that prints from professional labs were much higher quality compared to the prints that you get from the drugstore, but she was skeptical. How different could they really be?  So, she took a file and sent it out to one pro lab and 4 consumer labs to see how they would compare to the original file.  The results were even more surprising than she imagined.  Amanda writes:
“I am REALLY shocked. I have heard how bad consumer labs can be…but now I have seen it for myself. I can promise you that these are the prints in their true form. I have not done ANY editing whatsoever, other than just scanning the photo onto my computer and adding the lab name.  …

As one of my friends told me “It looks like a rainbow!” and it’s true!”
You can see for yourself, when viewed side-by-side, the differences in the color and quality of the prints in her experiment (shared with permission):
Read the rest of her article and see more photos from her experiment at:  Thank you Amanda!
Printing photographs is where quality and expertise make a huge difference — and choosing a professional lab is just the tip of the iceberg.  When creating proof of love, here are just a few of the steps I take to make sure your images come out just right:
  • I use professional equipment to carefully calibrate my monitor to my pro lab’s specifications and edit for correct color.
  • I’ve spent time and money on test prints learning how to properly crop, sharpen, and prepare files for printing — based not only on the size of the print, but on the precise type of paper or canvas. (If you think proper cropping doesn’t matter, just ask these guys!)
  • I carefully inspect each proof of love to make sure it is perfect before I deliver it to you — and if it’s not, I send it back.
But I think the most important step is:
  •  I get it done, so so your images don’t end up hidden in a drawer instead of on your walls.
The moral of the story? Photographers everywhere die a little inside when we we see your beautiful baby turned blue, green, or oompa loompa orange by an atrocious print job.  Please save a photographer. Get proof of love instead!
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